Online Blackjack

Free casino games offer insight into the history and strategy of Online Blackjack

Online blackjack may be the focus here but we are looking at history too. Blackjack itself is believed to come from France. The first records on this subject are from the 17th Century. The game was called “vingt-et-un” (French for 21). The exact origin is not known what is valid for the majority of gambling games. There are only vague speculation about the possible places of origin and development of the game. It is generally excepted that Blackjack was created from the neighboring French card games, although this is also only a speculation.

Other game historians say that Blackjack belongs to the same group of card games as Baccarat, Seven-And-A-Half and Vingt-et-Un (known in the U.S. as “21” and in Australia as “Pontoon”).

But the explanation of the history of the game it is not possible without a doubt. The casinos are not concerned with this matter, they are only interested in using it to their benefits.

In online blackjack usually there is one card dealer and 1 to 4 players. The players determine their bets, before the dealer deals out the cards. All players play against the dealer. In most cases, the bets are from $ 1 to $ 500. The minimum and the maximum bets you can make are clearly defined by the casinos.

The players can set arbitrary chips with a nominal value. If the bets are already determined by each player and the “Deal” option is selected, the game can be started. After the start of the game you can’t change the bets any more. But you can increase the bet if one is doubling or splitting or chosing insurance.

Each player gets two cards, one card is facing up and this way it can be discovered as long as the second card which is facing down remains hidden. The aim of the player is to achieve the maximum value of 21 or approaching this value (the player must be closer than the dealer). The players can get as many cards as they want. You can also decide not to get more cards in the hope of having more points than the dealer (In this case you chose the „stay” option).

If a player gets a 10 and an ace, this means that it comes to blackjack. In this situation, the player is paid off one and a half times his original bet. There is also the possibility that the dealer has the same cards. When it comes to this tie, it is called a “push”, the dealer returnes the original bet to the player. You should remember that the dealer must continue to hand out the cards, if he has 16 or less on hand. If he however has 17 or more on his hand, he must stop, and he remains with these points. If the dealer must decide to “push” all players are cashing in.

Doubling – If two cards have been dealt to the player, he can chose to double. He gets in this case another card. But after he got this extra card he can get no more cards. When a player doubles he doubles his bet, giving him the chance to win the double chips, but also the possibility to lose everything.

Splitting – There is the possibility to distribute your cards in two separate hands that are played during the same game. This means that it is possible to win or to lose twice in one game. If one has a pair of aces it is possible to split them. In this case you must make a second bet that is equal to your first (original) bet. Initially, the two cards are played as separate hands. If the cards are split on two hands, an arbitrary number o extra cards can be called. Should you receive a pair of aces, it will be automatically excluded from the Blackjack and you can get only a “normal” 21. If the dealer is in the same situation, than he has a blackjack and wins. But if he comes to 21, it is “push”, a situation described earlier.

Insurance – In the case that the dealer shows an ace, you have the option of insurance, if you decide that the croupier has a 10 or an image card as the covered card. If the card faced down (covered) is not a 10 or a picture card, you lose your insurance. If the concealed card actually is a 10 or a picture card, you get your insurance back and will get the double of your bet back.

So, you can come to the conclusion that the rules of the game are not complicated. You can learn them very quickly. We hope you’ll enjoy the online variation of this worldwide known game, and good luck!